Summer 2013

Click to hear some of the original compositions of Composit 2013.

Impressions – Wesley Devore (Clarinet, Accordion, Violin Cello and Electronics)

Dukh – Kristina Wolfe (Soprano, Bass Flute, Accordion, Live Electronics)

Rakeusbuda – Rafael Amaral (Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Accordion)

Poussiere dans le vent – Liao Lin-Ni (Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano)

Push – Amadeus Regucera (Soprano, Flute/ Bass Fl, Clarinet/Bass Cl, Accordion)

Cartoon Etude– Luiz Casteloes (Violin, Cello and Piano)

In Lightness – Lesley Hinger (Accordion)

Malfunctions – Stephen Spencer (Violin, Piano and Live Electronics)

Musica Longinqua – Luciano Leite Barbosa (Soprano, Clarinet, Accordion)

David Litke (Flute, Clarinet Violin Cello, Piano, Live electronics)