Composit is an international summer festival for composers of contemporary music and sound artists of all kind that will take place in Rieti Italy from July 4th through 12th, 2017. Composers  from around the world have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with internationally renowned faculty and ensembles, realize and plan new works of contemporary music and grow in their artistic path. The faculty will guide and instruct participants through lessons, workshops and presentations on specialized topics. The concert activity includes performances from special guests soloists together with two evening concerts featuring selected works from this year’s participants performed  by our ensemble in residence.

This year the edition will feature two programs:

The Composition Program and  Sound Augmented – Live Electronics and Sound Installations Program. Each program will run between July 4th and the 12th, 2017 in Rieti Italy.

All courses will be taught in English (supplementary languages are Italian, and German).